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Our camps feature:

  • Great Camper/Counselor ratios
  • Field trip and special guests every week
  • Themed activities all week long
  • Self defense and anti-bullying lessons
  • Character Education lessons

Zombie Invasion July 5-9

This week of camp, the children will be put to the test to see if they can survive the zombie apocalypse!

They will learn basic survival skills, a combination of Zombie education and special training with our Nerf Weapons on how to destroy the Zombie Nation. Highlights: Nerf Weapons training, Zombie Nation Mission Objectives, Epic Zombie vs. Humans battle.

Ninja Trainning July 12-16

This week of camp, the children will be trained in the way of the ninja!

Kids will challenge themselves with new and unique obstacle courses all throughout the week. Finding confidence in their accomplishments, kids will participate in races, as well as learn a combination of rolls, jumps, strikes and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.

Star wars July 19-23

This week, in a galaxy not so far away, your young padawans will learn the way of the Jedi.

Throughout the week the kids will train their bodies and their minds on their journey toward becoming Jedi Knights. This will include making their own lightsabers, Jedi physical training, and working on understanding the Darkside by focusing on compassion and friendship.

This is one of our most popular weeks. Highlights: Star Wars Costume Contest, create a Star Wars Episode and of course, FORCE training!

This is the way!

Super-Heroes July 26-30

Have a little hero at home? This week is about all things HERO!

The children will learn about the traits and characteristics of a hero. The campers will be engaging in some superhero-style physical training, create their own superhero personas, and get to dress up like their favourite superheroes (ones that already exist, or a brand new one - be creative!). Finally, campers will learn about some real-life heroes, our emergency service personnel.

Girls Empowerment Aug 2-6

Being your best self starts with believing in yourself.

This week combines fun wellness activities, layered with empowering coaching to build a positive self-image, emotional intelligence, and self-confidence skills. This camp features mindful activities like yoga and pilates, self-care rituals, confidence-building exercises, emotional intelligence games, and lots of fun!

Boys Rough and Tumble Aug 2-6

Have a son? Then this camp is for you!

This week offers you little guys strength, conditioning and a whole lot of fun! We will work on improving total body coordination, build strength, and improve agility. We will offer martial arts skills, crafts and team building games. Beyond physical skill, our camp will focus on self-confidence, courage, perseverance, responsibility & social skills.

High Energy Kids welcome!!

Warriors of the World Aug 9-13

Your little one interested in being a warrior?

This week, your little warriors will learn about fighters and heroes from across cultures and across time! Each day will focus on a different type of warrior-the Japanese Samurai of our jiu-jitsu roots, ancient Greek Spartan warriors, the Huns of Central Asia, and even modern-day warriors in our Canadian servicemen and women.

Nerf Wars Aug 16-20

Do you think you have what it takes to win the biggest NERF Battle of the summer?

This week we’ll be working on lots of skills: strategizing, battle plans, obstacle courses and most importantly TEAM WORK!

Ninja Training Aug 23-27

This week of camp, the children will trained the way of the ninja!

Kids will challenge themselves with new and unique obstacle courses all throughout the week, both indoors and out. Finding confidence in their accomplishments, kids will participate in races, as well as team building of their favourite course obstacles

Register for Sault Ste. Marie's Mandalorian March Break April Break Camp


This March Break, your children have the opportunity to learn the way of the Mandalorian! This warrior creed was bound by culture and code, inspired by courage, and motivated by their martial prowess. This week, campers will learn about the Mandalorian warriors, participate in specialty training to ensure their skills are up to the Mandalorian standard, and outfit themselves in Mandalorian armor. All this will culminate in an epic battle with the Empire!